Our first international program is in collaboration with VSPCA (Visakha Society for the Protection and Care of Animals), Visakhapatnam, India. The VSPCA was established in 1996 and over the last 20 years they have made great strides in improving the conditions for animals in the region. 

The organization has several programs to promote animal welfare including efforts to stop the illegal trade in internationally-protected sea turtles, rescue abandoned and injured cows and water buffalo, provide permanent sanctuary to dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, horses, rabbits, tortoises, ducks and other animals suffering severe abuse or neglect. 

The VSPCA runs an animal birth control program (ABC) that provides spay and neuter procedures, vaccinations and health checks to street dogs. So far, the program has serviced more than 70,000 street dogs. The population of street dogs in this area is smaller, healthier and ever shrinking because of this wonderful program.

Our goals are to increase VSPCA's life saving capacity and improve the welfare and quality of life for animals in the shelter and the community through training, organizational development, exchange programs and continued education. We will also work to eradicate rabies from the community and its surrounding (rural) regions.