About us

AWAKE Outreach (Animal Welfare And Knowledge Exchange) is a Scandinavian initiative, an non-profit NGO.  The organisation is comprised of a group of veterinarians, veterinary nurses and entrepreneurs applying our skills to improve animal welfare and quality of life for animals and humans globally.
We promote One Health and One Welfare principles on an international level.

Whenever there are interactions between humans and companion animals we have a
responsibility to protect the welfare of the animals as far as it is practical, and at the same time address the public health concerns that comes with free-roaming animals.

It has been estimated the around 50.000 people die from rabies every year. We know that this most commonly affects children in poor communities and that it happens even though we have the tools to eradicate rabies! We also know that companion animals improve quality of life for humans, no matter where in the world you live, and no matter how rich or poor you may be. This holds true in the developing world as well.

It has been shown repeatedly that community-based programs for companion animals improve the quality of life for people and their pets, and help reduce and eradicate infectious disease, including rabies. We work to develop and spread a welfare-centric, life-saving approaches to help animals, and the people working with and living alongside with them. 

Our method is to establish sustainable animal welfare programs in developing countries. And we know that achieving change in animal welfare requires a change in human behaviour, thus we aim to collaborate with and strengthen existing programs including local stakeholders in the community.


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